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April 27-29 2014

The Taliah Waajid Natural Hair Workshops/Seminars has more to offer...
It's an educational experience that can't be missed!

Stylist... Stop loosing your clients
because you don't have the professional natural hair care skills they are looking for. The Taliah Waajid Workshops/Seminars is an intense three-day, hands-on seminar that will teach you everything you need to know to professionally service your clients that want natural hair care services. The Taliah Waajid Seminar is structured to accommodate beginners, intermediate and advance learners. We have a team of experienced instructors that are patient and enjoy teaching.

These seminars/workshops are designed to teach you the skills and techniques you need to excel in the natural hair care and braiding industry. These techniques are not difficult to learn! The Taliah Waajid Natural Hair Care Seminars/Workshops are designed for beginners, intermediate and advance stylist.

Information Packed...
These seminars/workshops are packed with information not only on natural hair and braiding techniques, but valuable information on how to start and maintain your natural hair care business or salon. Learn from one of the pioneers that helped to create the demand for natural hair and braided styles,
Taliah Waajid. Information is also provided on what it takes to start a natural hair care business. These classes are worth the investment.

Don't practice on your clients
they deserve the best from you. Come and learn the best techniques for natural hair care from the best educational seminar there is for natural hair care, The Taliah Waajid Seminars. Space is limited, so Register Today!

The Taliah Waajid Workshops/Seminars teaches the four simple foundation techniques that offer a variety of styling options for transitioning hair to natural. These techniques provide an easy, effortless introduction to natural hair for your clients without excessive hair loss or damage.

Basic to Advance
Sunday 9:00am - 2:00pm
Transitioning Techniques
* Transitioning with natural hair styling techniques
* Transitioning with extension hair styling techniques
* Transitioning with Healthy Hair Weaving techniques
* Ceramic Stretching for transitioning

Basic Natural Hair Care
* Your client is natural. Now what?
* Learn about basic natural hair textures & curl patterns
* The proper styling tools for maintaining natural, curly,
* coily and wavy hair.
* How to comb a variety of natural hair textures
* Trimming naturally curly, coily, wavy hair

Natural Hair workshop
Monday 9:00am - 6:00pm
Basic braiding fundamentals - No extensions
* Box Braids
* Cornrows
* Bantu Knots

Advance braiding fundamentals - With extensions
* Box Braids
* Micro Braids
* Pixi Braids
* Cornrows
* Cornrow designs
* Athletic Braids

Easy Payment Plan

Advance Natural Hair & Textured Weaving
Tuesday Advance 9:00am - 6:00pm
Advanced Natural Hair Care
* Two Strand Twist techniques for advance styling
* One Strand Twist
* Flat Twist
* Flat Twist combo styling
* Bantu Twist

Everything You Need to Know About Locs
* Starting locs
* Maintaining locs
* Styling locs
* Cutting and trimming locs
* Achieving the best loc set—ever

Ceramic Stretching
* Ceramic pressing without damage to new growth

Basic Healthy Hair Weaving - No glue
* Basic Weft weave patterns
* Basic Weft weave parting and placement

Advance Healthy Hair Weaving - Bulk hair
* Tree Braids
* Interlocking
* Box Weaving
* Invisible Braids