Taliah Waajid Seminars

Three days of intense, hands-on educational training for Healthy hair, natural hair, transitioning to natural, braiding , twisting, and healthy extension application and The Business of Natural Hair.The Taliah Waajid Seminars has more to offer... It's an educational experience that can't be missed! 

The Taliah Waajid Seminars has more to offer... It's an educational experience that can't be missed! 


Stylist...Stop losing clients and money!

because you don't have the professional skills needed to provide quality, Natural Hair Care Services.

Stop Practicing On Your Clients...

They deserve the best from you.  Come and learn the best techniques for natural hair care from the best educational seminar available for natural hair care, The Taliah Waajid Seminars.   Your former relaxer wearing clients want to go natural and they need your help.   Busy clients really don’t want to watch YouTube videos to learn to how do their own hair.   Your clients want you, the professional, to perform the techniques they want.   

Top Quality Techniques...

You will learn over 30 professional techniques for styling, transitioning and caring for Natural, Curly and chemical-free hair.  These advanced techniques are not difficult to learn.  The Taliah Waajid Seminars are designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced stylist.   Foundation techniques…the Taliah Waajid Seminar teaches the four simple foundation techniques that allow you to offer a variety of styling options as well as transitioning hair to natural options. These techniques provide an easy, effortless introduction to natural hair for your clients without excessive hair loss or damage. 

Information Packed...

The Taliah Waajid seminars are packed with information not only on Natural hair care, but valuable information on how to start and maintain your natural hair care business or salon.  Learn the proven techniques for providing natural hair serviceswhile learning Taliah Waajid’s secrets for running a successful natural hair care salon.  

Effective Hands-On training 

The Taliah Waajid Seminar is structured to accommodate beginners, intermediate and advance learners. We have a team of experienced instructors that are patient and enjoy teaching.  

Information Packed / Business & Marketing

The Taliah Waajid Seminars are packed with information not only on natural hair and braiding techniques, but valuable information on how to start and maintain your natural hair care business or salon.   Taliah Waajid owned and managed a successful Natural Hair Care salon business for over 17 years.  Taliah has included important tips for running a successful salon business in to the Taliah Waajid Seminars.    

Invest in yourself.  

Register today and learn from one of the pioneers that helped to create the demand for natural hair and braided styles, Taliah Waajid.   

   “The Taliah Waajid Seminar was the best investment in my education I have ever made.  I learned so much.  My customers were waiting for me to return to show them what I learned.   I was  so excited because after perfecting what I learned in the class, I had better techniques than my competition so I got more customers”
Dianna Wright 
“I really appreciated the information on the business.  This is where I was really having trouble.   I like the business systems that were taught in the seminar.   I liked the new hair techniques I learned also.  My clients noticed the difference and they did not mind when I increased my prices a little.   I am happy that I came  to the seminar.”
Kelly Tutor
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