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April 23, 2017
Sunday 9:00am - 2:00pm

Basic Natural Hair Care (6 finger technique)

Tools for Curly Hair

* Combs 
* Brushes 
* Pressing combs
* Flat Irons 
* Bobby Pins
Hair Pins

Basic Starts

Braiding 101 (No extensions)
Basic parting techniques for braids, locs, twists, etc. 
Basic Cornrowing  
Basic parting techniques for Cornrowing  
Two Strand Twists  
One Strand Twist  Flat Twist

Hair Locing

Loc Starting
Maintaining Locs
Comb Twists


April 24, 2017
Monday 9:00am - 6:00pm 

Advance Natural Hair Care and Styling

(6 finger Undetectable ExtensionTM Technique)

Healthy Hair Extensions
Two Strand Twist w/Extensions hair/fiber
Flat Twist
Silky Flat Twist
Senegalese Twists
Loc Extensions
Atifah Braids
Pixi Braids
Advance Parting techniques
Ceramic Stretching 

Cutting Natural/Curly Hair Textures

Trimming techniques
Cutting techniques

Finishing techniques for braids, twist, extension styles

Properly sealing the ends of an extension style
Thinning hair/ends to a tapered shape
Overnight care


April 25, 2017
Tuesday 9:00am - 6:00pm

Healthy Hair Weaving

Basic Weft Weaving Patterns
Weft Weaving Closure Techniques
Net Weaving
Box Extensions
Tree Braids
Making Crochet Braiding styles look more appealing

Marketing and Business

Client Consultation, Check In and Check Out
Make an additional $500.00 per week.
Make This Your Career Not Your Hustle
How To Be a Successful Stylist
Finding Clients That Will Pay You More


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Here is what you get:

35 Sought after, Hands-on Techniques
Taliah Waajid Marketing Plans and Booklet
Taliah Waajid Product Starter Kit Value: $150.00
Taliah Waajid Children’s Products
Taliah Waajid Sample Package
2 FREE tickets to the World Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Show
Taliah Waajid Tee-Shirt


Here is what you will need:
Supply Kit Includes:

1 Taliah Waajid Carrying Bag
1 Kinky Hair Mannequin
1 Straight Hair Mannequin (relaxed texture, not silki straight)
5 Rattail Combs
1 Pair Scissors
1 Pair Thinning Shears
1 Paddle Brush
10 Packages of Kanekalon Hair/Fiber
3 Packages of Marly Hair
1 Package of Weft Weaving Hair
1 Weaving Needle
1 Spool of Weaving thread
1 Crochet tool
Cost: $175.00

The desire to learnTotal investment for the Taliah Waajid Hands-On Seminar: $ 1,350.00For all three days.For only $250.00 you can reserve your space at the April 2015 Taliah Waajid Seminar.You can divide your payments into smaller payments until you reach the totalinvestment amount to pay for your seminar space.

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