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Hello, my name is Sharmaine and I am transitioning from perm hair to natural hair, I did the big chop. I found that a lot of hair dressers are very expensive for my budget. What can I do to help keep my hair healthy and growing on my own?

Thank you for your interest. Congratulations on your choice to be natural!  There is so much that you can do with your natural hair but the first thing you must learn to do is properly shampoo and comb your hair.   We will be posting some videos that will help you with this.    This is general information.  I will need more information on your hair texture and length.   With that information, I could give you a consultation tailored to your specific needs.  There are so many textures and densities of natural, curly hair.  No one remedy will work for all hair textures.  Feel free to send photos of your hair. In the meantime, you can shampoo your hair once a week or once every two weeks.  Use a conditioning shampoo such as Total Body Black Earth Shampoo.  For conditioning, use the Enhancing Herbal Conditioner.  For a daily moisturizer use the Protective Mist Bodifier.  To relieve dry scalp, use Strengthener.
I hope this helps.



Please help me , my hair tangles so very bad after i shampoo until i hate to shampoo it. what is a good detangler ??
need help badly before i lose all of my hair. thanks betty barnes 

Try The Great Detangler.  It is a great leave-in condition and Great Detangler.  You can use the Clean and Curly shampoo in this line as well.  Remember is is almost impossible to comb through tightly curled hair when it gets dry.  Keep a spray bottle near during comb out in the case that a section becomes dry before combing out.  

I have questions for you:

When is the last time you had your ends clipped?
Are you sectioning your hair after shampooing before combing through? (if not, while your hair is wet, use your fingers to separate your hair into 6-10 sections.  Twist your each section.  Remove one twist at a time apply The Great Detangler and comb through that section starting from the scalp down to the edges.)
How often do you shampoo your hair?


I have heard good things about your company but i am a buy before i try kind of girl. By any chance does your company carry product samples?

Thank you for your interest.  All of the good stuff you heard about our company is TRUE.  lol   Yes, we do have samples. Our sample package has over 12 different samples of our products.  Here is the link to the sample page on our website.


I decided to press my hair one time. What productsdo you recommend. I have tight kinky hair. Give any advice. Thank you.

Thanks for writing in.  You can use very little Nutrient Shine Butter or Curl Shine to straighten your hair.  Be sure not use too much heat on your hair. Your hair can become heat damaged and will not revert back to your natural curl, coil or kinky hair pattern when too much heat is used.   Also it is best to use a Ceramic flat iron or ceramic curling rod to straighten your hair.

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