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How do I start locks?

There are several techniques used for starting locks. Your hair texture will determine what will be the best way for you.
Examples of techniques used to start locks: 
• Individual Braids
• Individual Two-strand twist
• Comb twist Latch locking
• Palm rolling
• Shampooing and fingering
The technique and size used to start your locks will determine the outcome. The thickness, fullness, versatility all depends on what technique, texture and length of hair the stylist is working with.
It is strongly suggested that you look at several photos of lock styles as well as live people with locks before deciding to have locks started. Discuss this information with your stylist to see if your hair condition will be right for the style/size of locks you choose. Whichever way you decide to start your locks I recommend using Lock It Up for maintaining your locks. Here are some other products Irecommend: 

Total Body Shampoo = cleanses and provides moisture
Herbal Conditioner = Conditions and adds moisture
African Healinng = Oyl Use once hair is locked
Protective Mist Bodifier = Daily leave-in conditioner Use once hair is locked.
Lock It Up = Starts and maintains locks, twists and styles natural hair.


Will or can that lock it up be use daily to maintain the lock during the starting process of starter tiwst/dreads.

Yes, you can use Loc It Up to start and maintain locs and twists.  I also recommend you use the Moisture Clenz during the loc budding period to clean your hair and scalp.   Click link below for more information on Moisture Clenz: http://www.naturalhair.org/products/black-earth-products/moisture-clenz-8-oz.html


I have heard good things about your company but i am a buy before i try kind of girl. By any chance does your company carry product samples?

Thank you for your interest.  All of the good stuff you heard about our company is TRUE.  lol   Yes, we do have samples. Our sample package has over 12 different samples of our products.  Here is the link to the sample page on our website. http://www.naturalhair.org/samplepage/taliah-waajid-s-goodie-bag.html




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