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I was talking to a coleage and she told me there was a natural treatment I could put in my hair to loosen the curls. My friend said it would soften my very tight curls and make them larger and easier to manage. I see so many natural styles with the hair swinging and I can't even imagine mine doing that. I would love for it to do so. But all I can achieve is a "dynamite" afro. Because of this I stay in braided an twisted styles while I really desire to let my husband enjoy my real hair. When it's not twisted or braided I press it. I can't even keep it pressed because it has a mind of it's own and snaps back.

The Curl pattern of natural hair varies from person to person. For the most part Afro hair without chemicals will have a tight curl pattern. The only way to loosen the curl pattern permanently is to add a chemical. You will have to have length to your hair in order to achieve movement/swing. You can achieve a temporary looser curl pattern and more manageable hair by using the Protective Mist Bodifier when combing out and blow drying your hair. You can also blow your hair out and do a two-strand twist using the Lock It Up gel on each section you are to twist. You can keep the two strand twist in or let the hair dry and untwist them to achieve a fuller longer look.


I just got may hair cut, i am natural my hair is very short what can i do to enhance my curl pattern, if i don't want to continue using heat to straighten and curl it, and finally is braids health for your hair.

Thank you for your interest.  Can you send a photo of your hair?  There are so many textures and curl patterns of natural hair.  I would need to at least see a photo of your hair before I can recommend any products or styles.  Braids can be very healthy for your hair if they are applied correctly.  If you plan on having extensions applied, the feeding technique is the best because it is less stressful on your hair.   If done correctly, this technique also prevents unnecessary breakage.   Braids can give your hair a rest and a chance to grow because you are not combing through your hair.  Remember that you MUST continue to condition and moisturize your hair while it is braided.  The Protective Mist Bodifier and the Strengthener work great to keep your hair healthy while it is braided.


I have heard good things about your company but i am a buy before i try kind of girl. By any chance does your company carry product samples?

Thank you for your interest.  All of the good stuff you heard about our company is TRUE.  lol   Yes, we do have samples. Our sample package has over 12 different samples of our products.  Here is the link to the sample page on our website.

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