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I have heard good things about your company but i am a buy before i try kind of girl. By any chance does your company carry product samples?

Thank you for your interest.  All of the good stuff you heard about our company is TRUE.  lol   Yes, we do have samples. Our sample package has over 12 different samples of our products.  Here is the link to the sample page on our website.


Hey there I'm looking forward to USE your products but I have couple of questions to ask you, are your product save on a 2year's old baby? Is leave in conditioner safe On babies? She has beautiful natural hair and I'm looking for good quality product that will help me keep her hair natural. Her hair has tangling problems and really bad. If yes send me ppictures of what to use On her. I saw the shampoo and the detangler so far also the curl sealer and edge control. 

Yes. Our products are safe for children.  I advise you to read the ingredients to be sure that there is nothing listed your child is or may be allergic to.  Our products are high quality and moisture-based.   They are formulated to make curly, coily and wavy hair more manageable.   I recommend you use:

  • A large tooth comb--To comb through the hair
  • A spray bottle--To keep the hair moist while combing out after shampooing
  • Easy Herbal Comb Out --Leave in conditioner that detangles while softening
  • Vitamin E Hair & Scalp Oil--Combats dry scalp
  • Herbal Style & Shine--Styling cream


Do u have any kids products?

Yes, you can use our children's products on your child's hair.  The Easy Herbal Comb Out is great for conditioning and detangling her hair.  You can also use the  Style and Shine on your child's hair for easy styling


My daughter is almost 5 months is it ok to use the easy herbal comb out on her hair?

Thanks for writing in.  I would prefer that you use the Style & Shine on your baby's hair.

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